The Californian redwood just outside Melbourne

As one enters the forest, sturdy trunks carve out a wooded path that rises 60 meters into the sky. Its walls are speckled red and gold. Its roof is a vast green and white canopy. Thin shards of light break the ceiling, spotlighting the forest below. The effect is otherworldly. It’s the type of forest you…

Inside Brighton’s Iconic Bathing Boxes

Bold, bright and snaking down the coastline in perfect alignment, it’s hard not to be charmed by Brighton’s iconic beach boxes. Located a short drive south east of Melbourne’s central business district, the colourful cascade of symmetrically-pleasing wooden sheds provide today’s tourists an endless array of selfie backdrops. But a little research suggests their original function was rather…

Saharan Stars and Californian Climbing with Camila Gonzalez

I first met bubbly, Spanish-speaking Camila in a pokey apartment on a quiet street behind Rome’s largest train station Termini. It was the middle of a hot sticky Mediterranean summer and we were both twenty-somethings, travelling by the cheapest, and what we hoped most culturally-immersive way possible – couchsurfing.

Melbourne: Sydney’s Sassy Sister or Europe Down Under?

“Mamma Mia We’re Going to Melbourne!” When my dear mother was due to reach an important, unnameable double digit number, and I myself was approaching the quarter life cri… – mark, I thought an all expenses, family-funded holiday was in order. My genetic affiliates somehow agreed and so we begun recollecting the places the matriarch of…

Four Reasons to Visit the Barcelona Bubble

  So you’re planning a trip through Spain and trying to decide which destinations to slot into your already tapas-packed, flamenco-filled, sun-worshiping itinerary. Here are four reasons why a trip to the bubble-like city of Barcelona should definitely be on your agenda.

Angels & Demons in the City of Gods: 72 hours Couchsurfing in Athens

The sun was fading behind clouds as we swept onto the tarmac. Huge gusts of wind drew goose bumps up our bare arms and sent us scurrying to the waiting bus. It was not exactly the arrival I had envisioned in the city of sun worshippers. It was not exactly the arrival I had planned either.