Four Reasons to Visit the Barcelona Bubble

  So you’re planning a trip through Spain and trying to decide which destinations to slot into your already tapas-packed, flamenco-filled, sun-worshiping itinerary. Here are four reasons why a trip to the bubble-like city of Barcelona should definitely be on your agenda.

Angels & Demons in the City of Gods: 72 hours Couchsurfing in Athens

The sun was fading behind clouds as we swept onto the tarmac. Huge gusts of wind drew goose bumps up our bare arms and sent us scurrying to the waiting bus. It was not exactly the arrival I had envisioned in the city of sun worshippers. It was not exactly the arrival I had planned either.

Paris Encore Part 1: 48 Hours in Paris for the Been There, Done That Tourist

Paris. City of lights, love and allure. You’ve seen it right? The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, Mona and her friends at the Louvre…been there, done that. Then why are you back? Either you just had an insatiable craving for some frogs legs served up by a desperately disinterested waiter who will happily charge you your arm…