Born into a family of travellers, I have spent much of my adult life attempting to find the cure to itchy feet – a calling which has seen me work in southern Italy as a rickshaw tour guide, nanny in Paris, live in regional New Zealand and travel around the world. I’m currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Through these experiences I have learnt that there is no better source of information than a local. Celebrating this notion, my blog started as a way to look beyond the top 10 tourist sites, to showcase the history, culture and best kept secrets of the destinations I visit – and temporarily adopt as a new home – which seems to be my travel style. But as with most things, it has evolved into a platform to not only share travel insights, but to introduce some of the inspiring people I have met along the way, as well as to discuss those mind-expanding epiphanies we have when we are fortunate enough to simply ‘be’ (a side benefit of travel).

Beyond travel

MykonosI spent six years studying everything under the sun, but mostly psychology and music. This culminated in two bachelor’s degrees, with honours in psychology, and two publications in psychology journals. Since finishing university (at least for now), I have been working in journalism. My first in-house role was as the arts and entertainment reporter at The Gisborne Herald. I am now the assistant editor at Muse magazine.




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